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Aliayah: Bruised face photograph

We’ve all seen the bruising on Aliayah’s face on the latest poster released by the West Virginia Fusion Center and available for download (here).

Quick to quash the rumors, Jeff Killeen of the FBI was widely quoted in the press:

FBI Special Agent Jeff Killeen said investigators don’t know what caused it or why Aliayah Lunsford is missing four teeth.

He said children can have marks and missing teeth for many reasons. But Killeen said the photo was taken shortly before Aliayah vanished from her Bendale home and is one of the last known images of her.

The bruising has led to obvious speculation on the Internet that Aliayah was physically abused. It has also led to questions asking about her hair because the poster image has been cut out of a larger photograph.

To this end, Aliayah’s aunt Vickie Bowen is quoted as saying:

Vickie L Bowen Randy talked to Jo Ann and this is what he told me. Jo Ann said the picture was taken on July 10th on her cell phone. That she is not sure who took the picture, but that Aliayah was running and ran into a door facing causing the bruising. She said she had to sign a release to let FBI use this photo and asked for it to be edited. She said they told her they would try. It was edited to take other people out of photo. Randy said he and his wife were at JoAnn’s when she signed the release. Randy states that Aliayah was not abused while in Jo Ann’s care.

West Virginia Fusion Center's image on their latest Missing Poster for Aliayah Lunsford.

We do not have a link to the source of this quotation from Vickie Bowen, but if true, then Jeff Killeen’s comment that the photograph was “taken shortly before Aliayah vanished…” is relatively wide of the mark. July 10 is over 70 days before September 24 and 2 1/2 months could be construed as quite a long time before the toddler disappeared.

Given the background, living conditions and criminal history of Lena and Ralph Lunsford, there is a high probability that Aliayah was abused or at the very least a neglected child. After all, the children were all potentially deprived of food if Lena was selling her food stamps for cash at less than half price.

However, regarding this photograph, let’s tread cautiously before jumping to the wrong conclusions.

The original photograph that was used to create the poster image used by the West Virginia Fusion Center. Aliayah is having her hair brushed into a ponytail by her aunt on July 10, 2011.

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Aliayah Lunsford: Battered Child

From Statement Analysis blog (here).

Readers here knew that Aliayah Lunsford was a battered, unwanted child, living under the brutal domination of drug addicted mother, Lena Lunsford.

We learned from statements that:

  • Aliayah was dead, and that the mother reporting her missing was deceptive. (Please see prior analysis).
  • Aliayah was unwanted, left to herself, and unloved. Her aunt lived across the street and referenced Aliayah in the past tense; as if dead.

See related post here: Aliayah Lunsford: Dealing with the Unexpected

Lunsford has been arrested…again, this time for violating parole by getting high using bath salts. She had 7 children with the others all removed from her care by child protective services.

When the FBI used this photo, it confirmed that Aliayah was, in deed, a battered child. We learned that she was the ‘pariah’ of the children, scorned, alone and highly independent. When a 3 year old fends for herself, it is neglect. Where there is neglect, always look for drugs.

Lunsford was pregnant with twins, who were like born as “DAB” (Drug Affected Baby) who both would have experienced acute withdrawal pain from whatever their mother put them through pre-birth. Unfortunately, many states do not consider this “child abuse” because the twins were not considered “persons” until the moment of birth. Prior to the birth, the abuse was likely severe. What repercussions might occur from Lunsford’s substance abuse?

The withdrawal pain and shaking might be the least of the twins’ problems.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. (FAS)

Which is worse for a pre-born child, alcohol or drugs?

Alcohol and pregnancy do not mix. The development of the baby’s brain is impacted by alcohol use, especially in the first trimester, and can lead to a host of developmental disabilities, and sets up a child for a life time of struggle.

We once were given a visual demonstration in training.

An egg was cracked opened and gently dropped into a clear glass of vodka.

Next, the trainer went into the long list of health problems faced by FAS children versus a list of DAB children.

By the end of the lecture, the egg in the glass of vodka showed that it was ‘cooking’ from the alcohol.

Locals said Lena Lunsford continued to get pregnant in order to collect welfare benefits for herself, and would use the money for drugs. This was confirmed later when Lunsford was charged with fraud; that is, taking food stamps or other benefits, and trading them for cash so that drugs and alcohol could be purchased.

What did she do to Aliayah?

We know that when a child is reported missing, and the mother lies, the mother has a reason to lie.

We have covered a number of these cases and have know that when a mother lies, under any condition, while the child is missing, it spells doom for the child. Aliayah is another such victim.

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Bath Salts Abuse and Use

Use and Availability of “Bath Salts”

A new, highly addictive designer drug labeled “Bath Salts” contains Mephedrone and MDPV (Methylenedioxypyrovalerone). Mephedrone and MDPV are stimulants that act much like Methamphetamine and Cocaine, but produce the added effect of hallucinations. “Bath Salts” are known by many names such as Ivory Wave, Bliss, White Lightning, Hurricane Charlie, Vanilla Sky, Charge, and White Knight. “Bath Salts” are snorted, injected, or smoked primarily by teens and young adults due to their widespread availability on the Internet, local convenience stores, and smoke shops. The product is carefully labeled as not for human consumption, but that is precisely why drug manufacturers have placed this extremely toxic substance on the market.

Major Side Effects of Using “Bath Salts” for Drug Use

“Bath Salts” are known to produce side effects similar to Meth and Cocaine such as elevated heart rate, hypertension, irritability, extreme paranoia, delusions of super-human strength and invincibility, hallucinations, suicide, aggressive and violent behavior, and possibly even murder.

Addictive Properties of Bath Salts

“Bath Salts” are so addicting that users crave the drug even after experiencing a trip to the Emergency Room with psychotic episodes brought on by hallucinations and delusions of super-human strength. Unlike Meth and Cocaine, however, standard Emergency Room procedures for treating Meth and Cocaine overdose do not work well with “Bath Salts.” Administering Valium to patients suffering from the toxic effects of “Bath Salts” does not result in positive responses to treatment.

Dangers of Using “Bath Salts” for Drug Use

Standard hospital treatment for drug overdose does not work effectively on “Bath Salts.” Even when patients come off of sedation, behavior has been shown to revert back to the uncontrollable state of psychosis. As a warning to young people experimenting with this drug, the effects of “Bath Salts” may be permanent. Cases of violent suicide are numerous and growing fatalities are reported to Poison Control authorities. For all intents and purposes, this drug is extremely toxic and may result in permanent brain damage. The chemical ingredients found in “Bath Salts” are also found in various forms of insecticide, as well as chemical treatment programs designed to kill aqueous algae and fungus. Further research is required in order to determine the long-term effects of using this drug and how to effectively sedate patients suffering from toxic psychotic states.

Burning Tree Creates Solutions for Chemical Addiction

We know from time proven experience that only long-term treatment provides long-term solutions. Burning Tree provides a thorough assessment of every individual so we can design a program that fits your needs. Evaluations occur on a case by case basis because we treat the whole human being, not just a disease. We know you will benefit from our unique program. Staffed by highly trained addiction specialists, you will receive therapeutics found only in the top rehab centers in the country. Our clinicians, therapists, and specialists have integrated a dual diagnosis approach to treating chemical addiction behavior and mental disorders. We will take the time you need to successfully resolve all of the issues that are standing in the way of your recovery. This is our commitment to you. If you are ready to let go of your addiction and embrace a new life, we are ready to help you. Give us a call today.

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Aliayah Lunsford Allegedly Last Seen

  • 3116 days, 17 hours, 58 minutes ago

About Aliayah Lunsford

Age 3, Aliayah Lunsford's mother claims that she last saw her daughter at home on September 24, 2011 around 6:30 a.m.

Aliayah has brown eyes and hair, is around 3 foot tall and weighs about 30lbs.

Last seen wearing purple Dora the Explorer pajama bottoms, pink princess sweatshirt and no shoes, Aliayah's ears are pierced and she is missing four (4) front teeth.

If you have any information on her whereabouts, call the Lewis County Sheriff's Department at 304-269-8245.


What happened to Aliayah?

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