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Aliayah: Bruised face photograph

We’ve all seen the bruising on Aliayah’s face on the latest poster released by the West Virginia Fusion Center and available for download (here).

Quick to quash the rumors, Jeff Killeen of the FBI was widely quoted in the press:

FBI Special Agent Jeff Killeen said investigators don’t know what caused it or why Aliayah Lunsford is missing four teeth.

He said children can have marks and missing teeth for many reasons. But Killeen said the photo was taken shortly before Aliayah vanished from her Bendale home and is one of the last known images of her.

The bruising has led to obvious speculation on the Internet that Aliayah was physically abused. It has also led to questions asking about her hair because the poster image has been cut out of a larger photograph.

To this end, Aliayah’s aunt Vickie Bowen is quoted as saying:

Vickie L Bowen Randy talked to Jo Ann and this is what he told me. Jo Ann said the picture was taken on July 10th on her cell phone. That she is not sure who took the picture, but that Aliayah was running and ran into a door facing causing the bruising. She said she had to sign a release to let FBI use this photo and asked for it to be edited. She said they told her they would try. It was edited to take other people out of photo. Randy said he and his wife were at JoAnn’s when she signed the release. Randy states that Aliayah was not abused while in Jo Ann’s care.

West Virginia Fusion Center's image on their latest Missing Poster for Aliayah Lunsford.

We do not have a link to the source of this quotation from Vickie Bowen, but if true, then Jeff Killeen’s comment that the photograph was “taken shortly before Aliayah vanished…” is relatively wide of the mark. July 10 is over 70 days before September 24 and 2 1/2 months could be construed as quite a long time before the toddler disappeared.

Given the background, living conditions and criminal history of Lena and Ralph Lunsford, there is a high probability that Aliayah was abused or at the very least a neglected child. After all, the children were all potentially deprived of food if Lena was selling her food stamps for cash at less than half price.

However, regarding this photograph, let’s tread cautiously before jumping to the wrong conclusions.

The original photograph that was used to create the poster image used by the West Virginia Fusion Center. Aliayah is having her hair brushed into a ponytail by her aunt on July 10, 2011.

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Plea from Vickie L. Bowen

I am begging, if anyone knows anything at all about where this child is please call me at 304-493-9549. I will come get her anywhere and I will ask no questions, please we just want her home!

You dont even have to tell me who you are, just arrange for me to pick her up, I will be there, you dont have to be there, tell me where she is and leave her there, just please keep her safe. She is loved by so many. Please do this, we want her home!!

If there is anyone out there with information and dont feel comfortable with calling 911 or the athorities for what ever reason call me please, you dont have to tell me who you are. Please if you know anything that will help. Call me. 304-493-9549 you can call me collect from a pay phone if you feel more confident doing that, just call please.

Vickie L Bowen

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Aliayah Lunsford Allegedly Last Seen

  • 3116 days, 17 hours, 26 minutes ago

About Aliayah Lunsford

Age 3, Aliayah Lunsford's mother claims that she last saw her daughter at home on September 24, 2011 around 6:30 a.m.

Aliayah has brown eyes and hair, is around 3 foot tall and weighs about 30lbs.

Last seen wearing purple Dora the Explorer pajama bottoms, pink princess sweatshirt and no shoes, Aliayah's ears are pierced and she is missing four (4) front teeth.

If you have any information on her whereabouts, call the Lewis County Sheriff's Department at 304-269-8245.


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